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Selling your property

Selling your property generally begins with a determination of a reasonable asking price. We can give you up-to-date information on whats happening in the marketplace and the price, financing, terms, and condition of competing properties. These are key factors in getting your property sold at the best price, quickly and with minimum hassle.

Let us market your property. Marketing includes the exposure of your property to other real estate agents and the public. In many markets across the country, over 50% of real estate sales are cooperative sales; that is, a real estate agent other than yours brings in the buyer. We’ll act as the marketing coordinator, disbursing information about your property to other real estate agents, etc.

Advertising is part of marketing. The choice of media and frequency of advertising depends a lot on the property and specific market. For example, in some areas, newspaper advertising generates phone calls to the real estate office but statistically has minimum effectiveness in selling a specific property. Overexposure of the property in any media may give the buyer the impression that the property is distressed or the seller is desperate. There is a misconception that advertising sells real estate. The National Association of Realtors studies show that 82% of real estate sales are the result of agent contacts through previous clients, referrals, friend and family, and personal contacts.

When the property is marketed with the agents help, you do not have to allow strangers into your home. Agents will generally pre-screen and accompany qualified prospects through your property.

Let Us Take Care of all your needs. With our extensive client list and advanced marketing campaigns we will try our hardest to sell your home with minimum hassle to you and in the shortest amount of time.



Superior Marketing, Superior Service…

We can provide superior service and attention to the properties we list. You might find other brokerages simply place a sign on the property, sit back and wait for the customers. We utilize our extensive associate database, prospect lists and other tools to provide direct marketing. Vestuto Real Estate also has a large database of contacts, both other Realtors and buyers who will be notified about your property. This huge pool of buyers can not be reached effectively by traditional advertising methods. We also aggressively advertise the properties in our portfolio. We regularly advertise with large display ads in local newspapers, classified ads and internet advertising. Hands down, the most important thing you can do is to get the information about your home into the hands of buyers.

Other tools include Web site and web advertising, as well as email blasts using several lead sources. Our web site, as well as the sites we advertise on generate high daily traffic, increasing the amount of exposure your property deserves. In addition to the MLS service, which makes properties available to over 40,000 Realtors in our immediate area, Vestuto Real Estate maintains its own website and provides detailed information on line. Every listing also receives an online Virtual Tour, which exposes your home to thousands of buyers.

Hopefully you are aware that commissions are negotiable. We will beat any commissions quoted to you by our competitors and will work with you to negotiate the lowest commission possible. For example we can discuss a flat fee; a dual fee in which you pay a percent if the property is sold with a cooperating broker through the MLS and lower percent if sold only by us.

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About Us

Why you should use our services

Our mission is to help you get the best value in the market in the fastest time with the fewest hassles.

We will be using our 30 years of successful experience as one of America’s top agents.

We will look at the Big Picture to define and sharpen your goals and place them in the context of current market conditions. We will understand your timeframe and goals, review market conditions Illinois and the USA so you understand what is really happening in Illinois and why.

We will show you the importance of the principle of price elasticity and how to make it work to increase your value rather than decrease your value. When coupled with the concept of the time value of money you can increase your lifetime earnings several fold.

We will explain the importance of solving potential problems before the problems become a buyer’s opportunity to cancel, or negotiate lower price. The traditional market comparison will be our beginning points not our ending point. You will learn the importance of timing and the relationship between proper pricing, higher net income to you and less time on market.

We will maximize the selling price through smart marketing and maximum exposure targeting only qualified buyers. You will learn marketing that really works and produces buyers as opposed to what the rest of the industry does.

We will show you how to present the property in its very best light so the buyers fall in love with your home. Buyers need to fall in love with your home, then they are willing to pay top dollar.

We will use all the skills we have learned in negotiating real estate contracts on your behalf to maximize your return. We will create a win before you lose strategy. We create a proactive plan not a reactive one, which attracts rather than drives away top quality buyers. We will avoid your being set up by lenders, inspectors, third parties, and unqualified buyers.

We will share with you our marketing budget so you will learn why we spend “deep” rather than spend “wide”. Have you ever had an agent talk to you about a budget plan tied to a definitive marketing plan?

We will share with you how we make sure the very best people are working for you. We will never provide a reference unless we are 100% sure they will exceed your expectation.

We look forward to hearing from you and selling your properties quickly
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